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Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is a major priority for UMCIL

UMCIL values Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The steel industry is a job engine for any economy as worldwide its “multiplier effect” is well known for job creation within an economy. For instance , ”for every job created in the steel mill seven(7) more jobs will be created elsewhere in the Zambian economy.
  • The employment of such a large number of people means setting up engineering, manufacturing, transport, utilities and service industries. In short, the real empowerment of Zambians will start to materialize – A DREAM INTO REALITY – with the localization of secondary means of production and value addition to domestic raw materials.
  • Other socio-economic benefits numerous to mention here are on a yearly basis the domestic supply of raw materials, instead of exporting, electricity and water to the steel mill and local transportation of both raw feed stock and steel goods; every tonne of steel from the steel work requires a supply of at least four (4) tonnes of raw materials.
  • In addition to the above gains, savings will also accrue from the reduction in steel imports as well as exports, value addition, acquisition of and development of scientific and technological know how, thus contributing to Zambia money reserves and stability of the Zambian Kwacha.
  • Other sectors of the economy like housing, the hospitality industry, agriculture, infrastructure development – roads, railways, schools, health care facilities, etc will somewhat be the indirect beneficiaries from the Kafue IISP.


As a partner in Zambia socio-economic development, UMCIL is committed towards revitalizing the Kafue town socio-economic activities through:

  • Assistance in the establishment of a business park that shall promote “Indigenous Empowerment”
    through skills training and creation of small scale enterprises to support the steel mill and the community;
  • Working with various stakeholders to improve the quality of life of not only Kafue residents but of


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