The Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Ltd’s environmental motto of “A Better Today for A Better Tomorrow” clearly spells out the vision, goals and ways the company intends to address environmental issues pertaining to its operations as to uphold not only the Kafue environment but also its surrounding areas. The company logo tells it all.

Universal Mining & Chemical Industries Ltd aims to a “Zero Waste Discharge” to mitigate any pollution to emit from the steel not only as to comply with the Environmental Council of Zambia (ECZ) regulations and standards but also to promote, protect and conserve a clean environment for future generation.

For this UMCIL Ltd will institute the Four R’s environmental regime:

    • Reduction in the discharge of pollutants through continued improvement in technologies as to comply to
      Environment Council of Zambia standards;
    • Reuse of recovered by-products into other production applications.
    • Recycling of by-products. Restoring the environment ,through rehabilitation and land reclamation
      as to contribute to saving both energy and natural resources.
    • Restoring the environment; through rehabilitation and land reclamation as to contribute to saving both
      energy and natural resources.

UMCIL Ltd commits itself to an “Open Door” policy to ensure the participation of not only the company’s employees but also of the Kafue community and other stakeholders at large in assisting the company meet its environment target and in preserving Zambia environment.

This policy forms the basis of the Company Code of Environmental Management. All personnel who shall work for Universal Mining and Chemical Industries Ltd or its affiliated companies regardless of whether they are staff, contractors and/or consultants are obliged to follow this policy at all times.

Any meaningful breach of this policy or significant damage to the environment will have serious consequences, which could include immediate expulsion from the relevant UMCIL operational sites and probable dismissal from employment of the offending personnel irrespective of whether the breach was due to deliberate act, negligence or ignorance.