Core Values

The four core values that underlines UMCIL’s philosophy that governs the way the company is operating are:


RESILIENCE reflects the company determination, commitment and perseverance in carrying out the IISP (Integrated Iron & Steel Plant) Project despite the odds in starting.

INNOVATION from the word go, UMCIL had to devise approaches to implement the current steel manufacturing facilities with limited resources at its disposal. In short, innovation inscribes UMCIL.

SUSTENANCE determines the UMCIL survival instinct to sustain its operation by manufacturing quality steel products at relatively affordable costs that are passed on to UMCIL  customers

RELIABILITY of steel products UMCIL manufactures underlines the company sense of responsibility for providing quality services and steel products when required and to the satisfaction of our all stakeholders.

Who We Are?

Universal Mining & Chemical Industries Ltd, (UMCIL), is a wholly Zambian-owned private limited company. The factory is located at Kafue town. The company is dedicated to the promotion, development and use of Zambian domestic raw materials whenever and wherever possible into the manufacturing of its goods. Its current and immediate project portfolio is the manufacture of Iron and Steel Products from Zambian Iron  Ores, Manganese Ores and Coal in an Integrated, Sustainable and Environmental way.